Thursday, November 10, 2011

Times Have Changed

Tonight JB has his fourth grade musical program and for the first time I found myself contemplating whether or not I should take my camera. My, how times have changed...
From day one, every detail of JB's life was documented. Though I didn't have a digital camera, I took a tons of pictures of him. For special occasions we had them done professionally. As first timers, we were duped into believing we needed a katrillion photos of our kid in weird poses with weird, artificial props. To this day we still find leftover pictures from those expensive photo sessions.

When MC came along, I soon realized how much easier it was to have one child looking at the camera, smiling with their eyes open and no crazy wardrobe malfunctions. With two kids...forget about it! Because MC slept the first nine months of life, our initial pictures looked more like JB posing with a deceased baby or a male baby doll. Eventually he woke up and we got a lot of really nice shots.

One year I was determined to have them take their Easter pictures with a live bunny. We searched for a studio with bunnies, scheduled the appointment, dressed, and the boys were terrified! Thankfully there wasn't any excrement, or excitement for that matter, because I wasn't prepared for rabbit pee or poo on their Eaton Easter suits. Needless to say they still don't have a picture with live bunny rabbits.

Eventually I decided it would be more cost effective to upgrade my camera and take their pictures myself. When you find yourself taking props, particularly your child's drum set, to the studio it's time to DIY!

Here were are with Baby A. I've already taken a million photos of her! Sadly they're among the 2,500 images I have on my digital camera. The problem with digital photography is, well...bringing the pictures to life. I'm so far behind with scrapbooking I should probably add that to my to do list. Times have really changed! Hopefully my younger two have enough memories in their memory albums to reminisce when they get older! If not, they can always ask JB to fill them in on the details. Oh, the burden of being the firstborn.

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