Sunday, November 6, 2011

Road Trip

This weekend we took a quick road trip. There was no Starbucks and no internet connection. I discovered packing with a newborn is much lighter the third time around. I learned a lesson in taking things in stride. I'm pretty sure I'll need a few remedial sessions on that topic!

The boys had a blast playing with cousins that they rarely get to see--old-fashioned, crawling on the floor, running laps around the house, playing. I resisted saying "no" to every request. They drank more gatorade than milk. They stayed up late and had a sleepover. They were in heaven!

Baby A did surprisingly well! She was doted on, passed around and cuddled the entire visit! She slept soundly and cooed loudly.

It reminded me of my childhood days in the country, when things were slower paced.

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