Saturday, November 12, 2011


My guys LOVE football. Honestly they love all sports, but football holds a special place in their hearts. They are such diehard fans they'll watch classic games, a concept that's unimaginable to me. Watching a current game is bad enough. Why would someone watch an old one?
I loathe sports! I'm not competitive and don't really like playing games. I never played a sport and only attended games that my hubby played in when we were dating in high school. There are too many rules and it's hard to follow the ball. Fans see athletic prowess. I see a bunch of guys in tights, running around falling on each other. I have literally fallen asleep standing up at a football game.
As the boys get older and more interested, I find myself asking more questions about the game. I don't really care enough to remember the answers, but that doesn't stop me. From the look on my hubby's face he'd much rather I take time during the off-season to learn the rules. Who knows, maybe I'll get a Football for Dummies book. Probably not! As Mama (Kathy Bates) in Waterboy would say, "Foosball is the Devil!".

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