Monday, August 26, 2013

California Dreaming

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A week in Southern California was just what the Dr. ordered!  Plenty of sun (minus the heat) and  relaxation left us all questioning, "Why can't we have more 'vacation' time at home?".   There was no rushing and no itinerary.  The only thing we scheduled was a trip to the San Diego Zoo.  We spent eight hours walking and taking in the sights.  We rode the double decker tour bus (upper level this time :S) and took the sky tram for an aerial view.  Most of our time was spent on the beach.  Sitting on the edge of the sea, gazing out into the horizon is the most relaxing place on earth!
When we got back, I spent the first few days dreaming of moving to San Diego, Coronado to be exact.  I had it all figured out.  Once our nest was empty, we'd pack up and move to a small bungalow, trade in our SUV for a Mini-Cooper and a pair of beach cruiser bikes.  

Well the daydreaming didn't last long, because we had a full two months to keep busy; and that's just what we did!  The boys jumped right into their swim team commitment.  We sprinkled in a few weeks of day camp, an outing to the local children's museum, and a staycation at a local resort.

Now it all seems like a distant memory.  The kids returned to school this morning and we've slipped back into our school groove.  The relaxed summer schedules are dreamy, but like it or not, we've got to balance the R&R with hard work and discipline. As the saying goes…"Nothing comes to a dreamer, but a dream!"   Here's to a new year of challenges,  accomplishments and finding a way to bring a little "vacation" to our everyday lives.

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