Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things I Miss About Living in the Country:

Peace and Quiet
The smell of Spring
The starry sky
Crickets chirping
Distance (miles) between homes
Well water
Shade Trees

Things I Don't Miss About Living in the Country:

Cow patties
Horrible shopping
Slow drivers
High Heels that won't stay clean
People who have nothing else to do, but mind your business
Having the whole town close at noon for lunch and 10 for the day
Poor cell phone reception

I've decided to take the middle ground. Country living has it's perks. Life in the "big city" does, too. For now, I'll take the middle ground. No matter where I live, there's always a country girl inside of me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That's Life

Words cannot begin to express my frustration with life these days. As a matter of fact, I should probably be writing this instead of blogging, but hey...
Since my last post, we've celebrated, played, cried, worked (really hard) and laughed lots, all while trying to avoid catching the Swine flu-oink, oink.

At this point I am ready for summer vacation. Relaxed mornings and afternoons peppered with activities that we actually want to do on my own schedule, sounds too good to be true, right? Well tonight, I'll shoot the procrastination monster and plan our weeks. I know they're be lots of fighting and some really rough days, but overall I can't wait.

MC will soon be graduating from preschool and I must admit that I'm anxious about him going to school. Let me clarify, I'm anxious for me about him. JB had the teacher from hell this year and I just can't imagine the idea of dealing with two teachers at once. Preschool and "big school" are two different animals.

In addition to all of that, I'm at the point where things seem to have gotten ridiculous. I probably get to this point on a quarterly basis, but each time it's harder to deal with. Being pulled in so many different directions really wears me out.

Oh, well it was nice to put that out in the blogosphere. Happier posts to come.

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