Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cry Me a River

Tears in the morning, tears in the evening, tears at night! We're very emotional this week. In fact, emotions were running so high last night MC gagged and puked all over his comforter, which I just washed on Monday.

Fast forward to this morning, more tears. This time the clothes that I picked out were all wrong. JB joined the chorus to complain about his lunch...pbj sandwich, chips, banana, juice. In my mind, if he's trashing his lunch most days anyway, it really doesn't matter what I pack, right!? Bad Mommy! I'm secretly hoping that he actually likes the sandwich and doesn't have his usual puke fest at the mention of peanut butter.

If I can make it this week without crying we're doing good. I decided to go to the spa on Friday, so I think I'll be okay. When they get just a bit older, I will be able to ask them if they'd like cheese with their "whine".

Monday, May 26, 2008

It's a Jungle Out There

This morning my hubby comes in to inform me that he found a snake hanging out in the middle of our backyard. After I get all of the pertinent details of the size, color and personal preferences of this intruder, I decide that we don't really live in the suburbs. Apparently, we live in the wilderness.

For the past few years our neighborhood has gradually been taken over by rabbits. I'll have to say, at first it was kinda cute. It was actually around Easter and I told JB that we had our own Easter Bunny. Well, years and many bunnies later, it's not cute. Easter is not a year long holiday! At times we have 3 or 4 helping themselves to the all day buffet aka: my backyard. When we called Animal Control, their solution was to set up a trap. Ever tried to catch a rabbit?? I felt like Elmer Fudd. Needless to say, the rabbits didn't want to eat the veggies in our trap when they could have the whole yard.

If that's not bad enough, one afternoon a couple of weeks ago, we saw a bat circling our yard.

All of these critters are really creeping me out. I don't know if I'll ever go out there again. Well, that may be a bit extreme...but certainly not before we put out snake bait!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mom Guilt

When you become a mom, apparently you get bridled with a ton of guilt. Do I work? Do I stay home? Do I breastfeed? Do I spank? The list goes on and on...
I'm a pretty self-confident person. In general, I don't pay that much attention to what other people are doing (I'd imagine sometimes this comes across as self-absorbed), but really I'm all about everyone minding their own business. That's another story.

Before kids I don't really remember feeling guilty about things. Of course, I've done and said things that I regret. I just don't remember guilt. I would usually blow it off, apologize or whatever and move on.

Along came the kids and that changed drastically. The idea that I'm responsible for shaping the lives of two human beings is monumental. I do the best I can, with God's guidance. But, I'm always thinking 'How is this going to affect them down the road?'

Yesterday, MC finished preschool. They were having Splash Day and I was just too thrilled to have my last "free" day. When he heard that we would all be going to JB's Field Day, he was disappointed that no one was coming to his day. He all but begged me to come and visit. Did I want to? NO! But, I didn't want him to feel like leftover I went. I only dropped in for a few minutes, but he was delighted.

Today was JB's Field Day. Not only did I label and transport water bottles for the class. We spent the afternoon in the sweltering heat watching the fun and games. Did I want to? NO! But he had such fun with us all being there.

I just don't want to give my kids any reasons to sit on the shrink's couch. At the same time, I know I've got to get over this a bit or else they're going to play some serious mind games with me as they get older! Why is it that some people don't have this guilt? They just truck right along and seem unaffected?

**By no means am I suggesting that I always get it right...hence the guilt!

I Don't Want To...

Unfortunately, I fell off the fitness wagon after the Breast Cancer 3Day last fall. While training I walked many miles a week in addition to yoga and aerobics a few days a week. I made a good effort to eat healthy, nutrient dense foods and drink lots of water. I'll have to be honest. I was afraid of the possibility of dying or needing hospitalization after walking 60 miles. I was scared straight. I was happy to lose weight, but happier about how good I felt.

After several months of eating okay and exercising much less, I feel like the Tinman in the Wizard of Oz. My joints are so stiff they sound like Rice Krispies popping when I walk up/down stairs and do just simple things. Not to mention my stinky attitude.

Last week I started aerobics again, but was afraid to jump right back into yoga. Today I took the plunge. After twisting and bending myself into a pretzel, I really do feel better. My joints are all lubricated and feeling pretty good!

So, here's the question: Why is it that I can know exactly what to do and not do it??

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From Good to Boring

Today has been the most boring day of my life! Not bad...just boring! Honestly, I'm facing the sad truth that I'm boring! Spontaneity takes energy that I just don't have. I have done everything to stay awake today except tape my eyelids open. We will all have early bedtimes tonight.

For the first weekend in a few, we won't have a game or guests to entertain. Whew! Sounds like Saturday will be Pajama Day! I can't wait. I want the boys to help plan and prepare our Memorial Day menu. Of course, we'll probably do a craft or two. Most importantly we'll all just rest. I promise!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What constitutes a good day? Well, for starters, waking up! Then, in no particular order: fresh air, obedient children, a few moments to unwind, reading a good book, learning something new, good food (lots of good food), a few good laughs, and checking things off the "to do list".

I guess, by my own standards, I had a pretty good day!

Thursdays are the new Friday

In an previous post, I dubbed Friday my favorite day of the week. Since my hubby resumed his travel schedule, I stand corrected. Thursdays are the new Friday. Boy, how I love Thursday!

I made muffins last night so, breakfast was easy. Both boys are away at school and I'm taking a moment to breathe before doing some cleaning. Unfortunately, the clothes won't grow legs and walk to the closet.

I'm finishing up my summer schedule and hopefully we won't have too many more changes. I stocked up on craft supplies this morning. Ready or not, here it comes. The countdown to Summer has begun.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

PMS...Please Make it Stop!!

Wake up (late), have boys dress themselves, pack lunches, cook breakfast: kolaches, eggs & fruit, drive to school, come home, shower, dress, drive to preschool, change in plans, unsolicited advice (top of list of personal pet peeves!), it's rainy and humid.


Today is definitely one of those days! I didn't even feel like shopping! This afternoon, I think I'll surprise the boys with mid-week movie night. We can just sit and be!

Please Make it Stop!

Monday, May 12, 2008



I never thought I'd live to say I actually bought
a pair of these
"Craps", not to mention two!
Usually in the summer, I always just bought cheap flip flops. The boys had such trouble with keeping them on their feet while playing. I hate for them to play in their leather sandals (in the event I want them to wear them to church) and tennis shoes and socks get so hot and sweaty. I thought...well, let's give them a chance and see how they work.

So far, they're loving it. MC says they're so soft! JB wasn't so sure at first, but eventually came around.
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Boys must be God's way of showing us that he has a sense of humor! My body and soul are physically drained!!! My boys are demanding every ounce of energy that I can muster from sunrise to sunset!
JB is testing the limits in every sense of the word and it has taken everything in me from going crazy bananas!
MC is as outspoken as ever. Despite having turned 4, he's increasingly dependent on me to help him. I call it lazy.
Nevertheless, I just had to spank booty. After a few glasses of red wine, everything will be alright!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

There's no I in Team

Today had a very hectic start! MC had a birthday party at 10am and JB had a soccer game at noon. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem. However, my husband called me on his way out the door to tell me that I had his car keys. After a mad dash over to the game, we settled into our chairs on the sideline just in time to jump into the first quarter. (I hate being late!)

It was during the first quarter that my blood began to boil. (I'm sure the 4 cups of coffee didn't help) One of our opponents was aggressively pushing. My son is the fastest on our team and usually scores all of our goals. While my husband calls out all of his advanced moves, I just agree and cheer (I'm illerate when it comes to sports). Back to the point...not only was this kid pushing, but no one was addressing it.

In addition, after 6 games, my son's teammates still don't know which way to kick the ball, how to pass and quite honestly, most of them aren't "in the game". I can understand that the kids are there to have fun, blah, blah, blah. But, they should be learning a little bit about the game. We can run around and have fun in the backyard for free on our own schedule! Needless to say, I was also a bit annoyed with the coach and other teammates.

When my son accidentally scored for the other team while trying to steal the ball, one of the opponent's parents flipped off, "Well, I guess he's scoring on both goals." I about lost it! I responded with, "That's okay...good job! You gave them that one, now come down here and get us another one!" (And he did!) Yes... I know it was rude, but you know...a mom can only take so much!

I later apologized to my son for my bad sideline attitude (we both need work in this area). I understand that this will only get worse as he gets older and I'm normally a lot more composed. I just can't stand inconsistencies and feeling like my time is being wasted. We try really hard to help him understand that he's a part of the team, but that's hard when he passes the ball to a teammate that's not there or worse, one who's picking the fuzz off his socks! of his teammates spent a good deal of the game tangled up in the goal!

We don't pressure him to win, we just want him to do his best. But, when the coach is coaching him to "fall back" for teammates who don't have a clue or opponents get too aggressive, he needs to know how to step up to the plate and meet the challenge head on. Since he's a natural athlete, this is something he needs to know early on. I've heard someone say, "if they can get in your head, they can get in your game." Because he is competitive (he keeps score-we don't) and this is what he loves, he needs to think like an athlete.

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