Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Am I going or coming? That is the question!!
This has been a super crazy week and it's only Wednesday.
It's getting more and more difficult to keep up with all of my responsibilities: laundry, grocery shopping, nail clipping, hair name it it's just a lot!

In addition to that, the holidays are fast approaching and I have no idea what we're getting the boys for Christmas. For the first time ever, I think we'll just go to Toys R Us and buy it all at once. Maybe we'll make it sad! Usually by now, I'm done with my shopping for them and finishing up shopping for everyone else. What happened this year??

We're hosting both dinners so, that means decorating, menu planning and shopping. It's usaually fun when the time finally comes, but the preparation and aftermath...not so fun! I've written the Thanksgiving menu and will tweek some things before writing a shopping list and pulling coupons. That always helps.

We've also decided to host brunch on Christmas eve. Until last year, this was an annual tradition. We'll try again this year. Oh, wait...I've also got to take the boys' Christmas picture and order cards by Friday to get a major discount! What's today, Wednesday? Sigh.

"I need you to wipe my boom-boom!" comes blaring from the restroom...hold that thought!

Oops, I'm roasting a chicken. I think it's done. Hold on another minute!

Okay, see what I mean by crazy!

The boys are so excited about Halloween. We're supposed to have movie night and they will wear their coveted football uniforms and helmets. I bought lots of candy to pass out and we're planning to order pizza. As a surprise, I invited over a couple of friends. JB and MC will be delirious with excitement. That type of excitement is always either preceded by or followed with a good spanking. Let's see if we beat the odds this time!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Morning!

I proudly report that we had a "yell-free" morning! This is certainly someting to be thankful for! The boys got up when their alarm clock went off and took care of their own morning rituals. MC complained about his clothes, of course, but when I didn't respond he just got dressed. Note: I've tried this before and it NEVER works!
Let's just hope that the rest of the day is as happy!

My Strength Comes From the Lord

Five years ago today, I woke up to life without my mother. The words transformation and evolution don't even begin to describe the process. Among the many lessons that I've learned, the most important of all: I am strong! God has placed in me incomprehensible strength! Even when I don't feel it physically and emotionally, with his help, it's shines through!
Sometimes, it's hard to tell which direction I'm going. I often get frustrated, angry, exhausted...the list goes on. But one thing I know for sure-I've seen rougher days AND I survived them. Down the road, when I look back, some of these obstacles will be mere bumps in the road. These "bumps" are stragetically placed to shape me into the person I have yet to become.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Iron Sharpening Iron

This week I have experienced two wonderful opportunities to be on both the giving and receiving end of ministry. On Thursday, I had a wonderful afternoon at the park visiting with a mother that I had never met. We talked about the joys and challenges of mothering boys. She shared her experience as a homeschooling mom. I gained valuable insight into that world and reassurance that I am making the best choice for me/us.
Today we attended a new member's class at our church. We spent hours learning a lot about the church and getting to know other members. I really connected to one mother in our group. We encouraged each other and I think we really have the potential to be good friends.
If this sounds weird coming from is! I've said time and time again-I'm not a people person. My inner circle is very small. I'm starting to acknowledge the fact that my friendship issues result from a deeper issue with trust. I am vowing to make a personal effort to stop trusting people and trust God. If I really trust that God will lead me into healthy relationships and out of unhealthy ones, I believe I'll see a difference in my social interactions.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tired Anyone?

How do you know you're exhausted??
* While cleansing your face, you apply nail polish remover instead of toner.
* You Febreze your child's jacket on the way out the door, because it smells like dirt and you've been to busy/tired to actually wash it.
* Your kids ask if they can eat their pizza (for dinner) in the car and you agree.
* You buy plants at the plant store and they die before you get them planted.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

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Today I hit the mother lode! Four pair of shoes for less than $200!! It's been so long since I've bought something cute for myself. Once upon a time, this was normal! That seems like ages ago! Next step...find cute clothes to wear with my cute shoes!

Friday, October 10, 2008


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JB (and I) have worked so hard this six weeks to adjust to a new grade, new teacher and a new set of expectations. He's very bright, but is used to a lot of one on one instruction. I've been working even harder with him at home by giving him more opportunities to do homework independently. I've also been very critical of his work, because he really has a "stickler" this year! I think the phrases I've used most are: "Check your work" and "Name on your paper"!
Believe it or not, we even had to perfect cutting and gluing after a few assignments were nitpicked about that! Well regardless, we hauled butt and he earned all A's. Little, old-fashioned me expected that the first six weeks without much bloodshed. Now I know better. We're fastening our seat belts for this ride!
He's enjoying it all so I guess that's what really matters most!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

And Then There Was One

When we bought our house, the backyard was covered with trees. It looked like the previous owners went to the local Home Depot and picked out one of everything!
As first time homeowners, we specifically requested to see homes with "mature trees"...I guess it sounded good. We immediately took out a whole row of evergreens along the back fence. After several years of raking mounds of leaves every fall and pruning, we were happy to cut down another one. Along came a storm and that took out another, leaving only the stump. So now we're down to one. Today we had a tree service remove the stump and thin out the remaining tree. It looks great and we didn't have to work up a sweat! Our backyard still isn't the oasis that we're dreaming of, but it's not a jungle either!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Roller Coaster Day

Today was like a roller coaster ride. I started off with Bible Yoga, which was perfect until one of the members shared her personal story about recently losing her mother. When she started up, tears started flowing. Something came over me and I couldn't stop. I excused myself, but when I came back the tears did too.
I missed a bit of the discussion and probably had everyone wondering what my problem was, but sometimes it's just like that.
For the rest of the afternoon it was touch and go. Every memory, hurt and feeling of loss came flooding back. Today's outburst was pretty typical this time of year. For the past four years, that's been consistent. I pledged to make this one different and today I was unsuccessful. I will try again tomorrow.
I decided to forgo the painful homework session this afternoon for an evening at a local pumpkin patch. The boys had a blast playing with a few friends that we met there.
We came home, showered, ate dinner, watched a few of their favorite t.v. shows and read...all by 8pm.

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