Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Summertime

Today I was reminded of what summertime is all about. I have vivid memories of childhood summers spent playing outside (not by choice), swimming, snowcones, days at the beach, road trips and sleepovers. My mom was always sure to have plenty of activities planned to keep us busy. Although, she was far more outgoing and social than I will ever be, I find myself filling our days with the same types of activities. Partly to keep the boys busy, but also to help create memories for them. It is so wonderful to be on a relaxed schedule!
Today we started with swimming lessons, followed by a couple of hours of jumping in bounce houses at a nearby inflatable center. We stopped for a quick lunch and came home to rest for a bit before heading to the movies. Sadly, I went to sleep in the theater. This is a recurring problem for me. Dark, cold theater=Nap time!
When we got home we washed the car.
I guess my one regret is that we can't do more of this during the school year. This way we definitely have something to look forward to! Summer...ahhh!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Survival of the Fittest (and more)

I survived last night's baseball practice...barely. Today was the last day of VBS. The kids had a blast learning all of the new songs and meeting new friends. When I picked them up we headed to a local theater for a quick picnic lunch and puppet show. Though it was late starting, the boys enjoyed it. I would have done much better if they hadn't dimmed the lights!

This evening we'll do some of the yard work that I've been putting off all week. I went to Home Depot and stocked up on enough supplies for 3-4 overdue projects. Now all I need is the energy to do them.

I found this tag on another blog that I stalk and thought it was interesting.

3 things I'm digging today:
*My hubby coming home
*Comfort Food (Chicken Spaghetti & Hawaiian Rolls)

3 things I'm not digging today:
*Yard work
*Repeating myself

Cars that I've owned:

On my to do list:
*Clean house
*Clean car
*Weed flowerbeds

3 Books I love:
*The Bluest Eye
*Mom...and loving it
*In an Instant

3 Memorable Moments:
*Wedding Day
*JB's birthday
*MC's birthday

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Batter Up!

Today is the day that I've been dreading! It's the first week of baseball season and we have practice tonight. I have thoroughly enjoyed the (mini) break from sports since the end of the Spring soccer season.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm NOT a sports fan! In fact, I'm the exact opposite. I love girly things, always have...always will. Seriously, training for the 3Day was the first time sweating didn't totally gross me out! So naturally, God's way of exposing me to the grunge factor was to bless me with 2 little boys. I love them dearly, but I'm still getting used to it all.

So this evening, I'll be sweating it out at the practice field pitching to JB and helping him catch fly away balls. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What a Whirlwind!!

Back home after a week long hiatus, of sorts. We spent last week visiting several family members. Two kids, eight days, 4 homes, multiple outings, flat tire...way too much activity for me! I'm glad to be home!

Here's a list of things you learn when traveling with kids:
1. There are a billion new ways to ask "Are we there yet?"
2. A four year old really has no understanding of state lines, no matter how you explain it. Trust me, I even tried a pizza analogy: crust:state as topping:city. No luck!
3. You don't get much rest when you wake up every 15 minutes to check the bed for pee spots.
4. Happy Feet is not a good travel video!
5. If it's not securely mounted or bolted down, it can be broken!
5a. If it's broken you must fix or replace it.
6. 8:00 bedtimes are a good thing! Especially after several nights of 11:00 bedtimes!
7. The carseat is a potty magnet. No matter how many times you take a potty break, precisely 20 minutes into the seat/trip, someone has to go again!

I have several more, but it seems they're all pee related!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hidden Treasure

This afternoon I went to the travel agency to make a payment. My hubby originally found the agent/agency and made the arrangements. Most of the correspondence has been between him and the agent. When I told him that I was going to stop by, he gave me directions. He reminded me that the agency was fairly small and told me there are a few knick knacks for sale in the office.

Well, much to my surprise...the place is an "Antique Mecca"! They have beautiful vintage pieces. I was pleasantly surprised! The agent laughed when I told her his description of the place. And now I understand why he has done all of the footwork!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How Did I Let Myself Go??

Only a few more days left before school dismisses for summer break. I'm faced with the harsh reality that I'll have to make myself presentable more often. During the year, I'm mostly shuttling kids and running errands. During the summer, we'll be going on outings, traveling and visiting family. First on the calendar...High School graduation.

Well, today I took a break in my packing to get up to speed in the personal grooming department. There was a time when I got regular manicures and didn't leave the house without makeup. This was all B.C.---before children.

These days, when it comes to personal grooming, I stick to the basics... showering, shaving, brushing teeth and hair. Anything more is for church and special occasions. Frankly, when I do have extra time, the last thing I want to do is sit in a beauty/nail salon for the entire day! Anyway, I got all stocked up with supplies for relaxing the hair on top of my head and removing the hair on top of my lip (which is a natural phenomenon that gets worse each year). Four hours later, I'm exhausted!!

I'm sure that looking better will make me feel better, but I wonder...how did I ever keep up with all of this!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Going Nowhere Fast

This morning was filled with activity. I was so productive, it was unbelievable. I amazed myself. I returned library books (on time), registered the boys for swimming, bought summer clothes and Father's Day gifts, and made it home in time for lunch.

Fast forward a few hours. It was time to pick up JB and I discovered that a few of the gifts were the wrong size AND I registered JB for the wrong swimming class. With gas now a whopping $4/gallon, I had to drive back across town to exchange gifts. Luckily I was able to make the class changes on the phone. I'll be sure to pick up a printed receipt for confirmation tomorrow.

I have a few more errands to run tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be more productive and efficient! I guess that's another sign of aging!

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