Thursday, April 24, 2008

So Much to Do. So Little Time.

I feel like Rocky getting psyched up for a fight. Tomorrow is the day of cake. I have to make and decorate a half sheet cake and Lightning McQueen. I'll be entering "The Zone" pretty soon. It's so rewarding after it's all done. The kids are glad to get their wish fulfilled. So, I guess I'm up for it. Ready or not!

Yesterday I did a major purge of my home. Relatives will be in town for the party this weekend and we needed to do some serious clutter control! I've bagged at least 4 bags of old toys and trashed another 3 bags of broken toys and junk! The sad part is the house is still cluttered (better, but still cluttered). How can you possibly have 7 bags of "extra" crap in your home???
I'm planning to do another round this afternoon and then get busy cleaning.

My boys have been at each other's throats all week. I can honestly say that I'm ready for bedtime tonight. Theirs that is. We'll pick up their dad, have dinner, bathe and it's lights out. Gray's Anatomy comes on tonight and I plan to watch every second.

*Here's the finished product:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Family Traditions

Today I went shopping for MC's birthday present and party supplies. I bought about half of it earlier and took full advantage of time alone to get the rest.
Early on I decided that I would make the boys' birthday cakes. Of course when I made this decision, I only had one child. And yes, it's a great accomplishment and the boys love it (seeing me, once again, meet their special requests). I must admit, I have begun to secretly dread thinking about making the cakes. It's not hard just very time consuming. Each year they request a different character. I think this adds to the challenge.
For JB's past birthday I decided to order a cake and was very disappointed! That just confirmed that I should suck it up and carry on my tradition. MC has requested a Lightning McQueen cake. I'm just praying that it won't take as long as the Spiderman cake I did 2 years ago. Decorating alone took 4 hours!

My name is *** and I'm a Webaholic

I am addicted to the internet. I never thought I would be, but I spend entirely too much time "googling" (is that a word?), blogging, e-mailing, etc. I haven't always been this way. I remember just e-mailing and using word processing applications. Then I graduated to searcing for information. When I discovered just how much information you can find, I was hooked.
I progressed on to online banking and creating a list of favorite websites. Then came online shopping, photo editing & developing and now blogging. I'm not crazy about online shopping, but I have gone as far as researching and locating all of my Christmas gifts before going out to shop. If I go early enough, I can finish in a fraction of the time!
I've tried and will try again, to set a computer time for myself. Maybe I can get down to 3 hours a day. I guess a good goal would be 1 hour a day...gheesh, I don't know!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What are these?

How do you explain to a six year old the purpose and function of testicles? Very carefully!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Relatively Normal

We have been in a whirlwind! With tons of work around the house, both inside and out, as well as the regular schedule, I think we're finally getting back to normal. Whatever that means. My husband has resumed his regular work commute and I'm back in full force. It was nice to have a break (and I use break loosely), but I think I'm ready to carry the torch.

The boys are bickering a lot more these days, which lets me know they're right where they're supposed to be. They love each other dearly, but that sibling rivalry is inevitibale.

Yesterday my son's kindergarten class went on a field trip. Of course, I tagged along and we had a blast! I was reminded, once again, how fortunate I am to stay at home with my boys. I think I tend to take that for granted sometimes, but it is really a blessing!

Oh well, time to start my morning. Tuesday's are my busiest day! Yippee!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's in the "crackpot" today?? Pork roast. It's been slow cooking all day and I'll top it off with BBQ sauce. We're having pulled pork sandwiches with homemade potato crisps (chips)...yum, yum! As mentioned in an earlier post, I love the "crackpot"! I think I'll reinstate crockpot/casserole day once a week. It really works well on long days or practice days.

For the past week we've been working (correction: my hubby's been working) on the flowerbeds. They look nice and colorful. Because it's so time consuming and such hard work, we'll probably eventually want a landscaper. Neither of us have green thumbs so, we end up planting, trashing and re-planting. During the winter, the beds go completely unattended. Though this is hardly a priority and not something we're very good at, it looks nice when updated.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Fabulous Fridays

The only day I love more than Saturday, is Friday. Friday is filled with anticipation of the weekend and Saturday is...well, actually the weekend. Last Saturday we had a double dose of activities with a birthday at 10am and a soccer game at 2pm. It left me wondering, "What happened to the weekend??" In the future, we will have to limit our outings.

I'm planning to have some MUCH NEEDED ME TIME! I have no idea what I'll be doing but I'll be doing it with myself. Ahhh, how refreshing! I love being a mommy and wife, but everyone needs a little me time every now and then!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Quinoa has a lot of fiber!!! Trust me! I know!

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