Friday, February 29, 2008


Here are the pictures that I took for the kitchen. I must say that I surprised myself. And to think, I was going to pay for these!

We're heading into March and I'm not doing very well with my 2008 resolution of being a good steward. I'm aware of my financial responsibilities and sensitive to using money wisely. It's the other areas of life that stump me. I just know when I get a plan for organizing my time and environment I can be more efficient. I just don't want to be wasteful!

On another note, I did get to cast my vote in the primary election. I'm so tired of hearing about it every day! I'm just ready for a new administration, new faces...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Just Another Week

With another week under my belt, I'm feeling a little more optimistic about things. Winter is almost over and I'm enjoying the sunshine. The school year is almost over and I'm anxiously anticipating a break. Though I'm looking forward to dropping this mundane schedule, I've got to seriously plan our weeks so the boys don't kill each other. Every day feels, looks and sounds more like the WWF Smackdown! I'll do a "dry run" the week of Spring Break.

In addition to my regular tasks I've started several new projects. I'm at peace when I'm creating things. I just made curtains for the dining room.
I'm no seamstress, but this was a pretty simple project. I saw this idea and finally found the perfect fabric.

I've also done some scrapbooking and spent last weekend patching the boys' play jeans. If that's not enough, I'm choosing artwork for the kitchen to complete our mini-renovation. I've been looking for wine label prints. I found photo prints on the web and decided to take my own pictures and have them printed on canvas. Any excuse to buy a few good bottles of wine. Of course, the "good wine" has the prettier labels! By the time I edit the pictures with lighting effects, etc. it won't look like I made it.

Monday, February 4, 2008

My mind is all over the place today. I'm blogging in a series of lists, just because.

I Hate:
1. Crocs
2. Unsolicited Advice
3. Being Hassled & Ripped off
4. Chores
5. Money woes
6. Long appointments
7. Jealousy & Score Keeping
8. Mondays
9. Ignorance
10. Germs and smelly things

I Love:
1. Dessert-Ice Cream, Cake
2. Watching a good movie
3. God
4. Croissants
ok...I'm hungry!
5. Talking with my sisters
6. Family time(especially with hubby and boys)
7. Spa Days
8. Shopping
9. Reading a good book
10. Sleeping late

What I Want To Do before I Die:
1. Visit Italy & Hawaii
2. Live debt-free for a decade
3. Enjoy my grand-children
4. Plant a garden
5. Go to culinary school
6. Own a business
7. Clean my house (magazine cover clean)
8. Write a book
9. Renew my wedding vows
10. See my children live successful, productive lives

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Random Thoughts

This morning, my mind is all over the place. I think I'll start the day by unloading here...

They're wearing me out! Where do they get their endless amounts of energy. I can't imagine what life would be like if I let them eat crap and drink sodas like a lot of other kids. They wake up ready to go...again! I just need a time out. Hopefully I can survive a few more weeks until my birthday. I'm planning a spa day. In our house we go "all out" for birthdays and mine will be no exception. I'm getting my wish list ready.

Public School
As a former teacher, I have some degree of sympathy for the plight of the overworked, underpaid educators. I'm just getting very annoyed with my experience this year. I'm tired of being asked to bring/donate something for the class on a weekly basis. I'm tired of the poor written communication because, it means I have to make verbal contact when I go to the school or write a note. I know that the teacher doesn't have time to talk to me after school and written notes are often unanswered. Most importantly, I'm tired of feeling like my child is getting a review of the skills that I'm teaching him at home. I work with him daily throughout the week, either reviewing skills or working on new ones. I see very little work of substance from the classroom. It's a lot of the same. By this point of the year, I should see more difficult work.
Overall, public school is not bad. I just want more. If I were more sociable and patient, I would probably rather home school. The downfall with that is eventually the children have to be integrated into the masses. Because I'm so over-protective, the longer they are under my wings the harder it will be to let them go. I guess for now, I should just keep doing what I'm doing at home.

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