Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 16, 2016

I'm alive, exhausted, but alive.  I've been deliberating about what to do with the blog.  I have many ideas, but little time to deal with making significant changes; so, for now I'll just try to stay current.  The operative word here is: try.

There's a local publication, mostly filled with ads and only a few articles.  It's free, so I usually grab a current one whenever I'm out and about.  My favorite feature is the daily diary.  It's a snapshot a day in the  life of a  local mom or dad.

Just for fun, here's my chronicle.  I'll be candid  this particular day was a bit bananas, but it's probably representative of at least 2 days a week.

Wednesday, March 16....

7:00 My alarm goes off.  I do not pop right up (ever).  I'm not a morning person.  I lay in bed and read a devotional to psyche myself out for the day.
7:20 I remember that I need to pack lunches, so I can't prolong the inevitable any longer.  Into the kitchen I go.  Pack 3 lunches, make french toast and bacon, start loading the dishwasher and referee the boys while they finish dressing and fight over the bathroom.
7:35 A wakes up ready to go to gymnastics.  Problem:  We have 2 1/2 hrs before gymnastics
8:10 The kids eat and JB reminds me that he has to be there at 8:35 for off season athletics
8:20  Everyone piles into the car, and we head for school
8:30  I get home and realize JB left his second lunch in the car.  Oh well, I have to stop at school anyway, I'll just drop it off.  I head back inside to finish cleaning the kitchen, loading the dishwasher and checking/updating today's to do list.
9:00 A starts preparing for the day and I realize her leotard is dirty.  I set her load of clothes on the express cycle and hope for the best.
9:15  I hurry to dress myself, vacuum, then dress A
9:50  We leave for gymnastics.  Fortunately its only 1 1/2 miles away.
10:00  I attempt to read and decompress while A is tumbling, but my to do list won't stop racing through my head like the end credits of a movie!

11:00 Gymnastics class is over, and we head to Target
11:45  We stop at home to unpack bags.  A gets a quick snack while I check and send emails, pack a bag of things my son left behind, and prepare a package to be mailed.
12:00 Drop off items at school and mail a package at the local UPS store
1:00 We're back at home.  A eats a quick lunch then we talk our daily walk.  It's much later than usual, but the weather is perfect, so I have to get it in.
2:00 A tunes in to a few of her favorite t.v. shows while I shower, wash my hair and dress for part 2 of our day.  I reluctantly wash and detangle my hair (a very ambitious task for this time of day).
3:10  I'm 3/4 way done with my hair and 40 or so minutes to go before I have to pick up MC from school.  JB calls to tell me that I brought the wrong cleats.  He reassures me that I have time to bring the right ones, because the bus won't leave for the track meet (on the other side of town) until 3:30.  Little does he know I'm standing in the middle of the bathroom half dressed!  I throw on the rest of my clothes and make a mad dash for the school.  He doesn't respond to texts right away, so I hand them off to a classmate in the parking lot and make like a bandit, since I'm looking the part.

3:45  I finish my hair just in time to pick up MC at dismissal.  He comes home to finish homework and then we make the trek to the other side of the world town to see our athlete race.  My phone dies as we're pulling into the parking lot.  Luckily I just used the last of the "juice" to check in with hubby to confirm that he knows the location and that he's on his way.
7:00 The meet went well.  The kids and I head home while my hubby stays to wait for JB's last event.  He's competing in 5 events, so he's pretty much there the entire time.
7:40  We finally make it back home.  I have no idea what we're having for dinner, so I pull out a few chicken breasts from the fridge and announce that we'll be having "Chicken Surprise".
8:15  JB and the hubby come home.  Dinner is ready.  We eat.  We bathe.  I clean half the kitchen with the little bit of energy I have left and sit to watch t.v.
11:30  I wake up face down in the couch.  Clearly t.v. has been watching me.  I didn't get a chance to pack lunches.  Tomorrow is a late arrival day, so I'll have to just do it in the morning.  My bed is screaming my name.

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