Saturday, November 19, 2011

Household Happenings

I'm trying to stick to the NaBloPo challenge I really am! It has definitely taught me that I'm not a fast writer. As with every thing else, it takes me forever to finish. I've gotta stop over analyzing everything! So, even though I may not officially post something everyday, it's out there in cyberspace waiting to be edited.

Here's what we've been up to:

The boys finished the 2nd Six Weeks of school.
Baby A got her first round of shots (she did surprisingly well).
We've been cleaning and pulling out Christmas decorations.
I've started choosing decor and color swatches for the boys' rooms.
We had a surprise house guest.
The boys performed in their fall piano recital. One of them realized they should take my advice during nightly practice.
I've taken Christmas pictures and ordered cards.
Baby A took her first road trip and did great!

Toss in a bunch of homework, household chores, a nursing baby and hyper terrier. What do you get? 1tiredmommy
Time to suck it up and keep moving. We've got a busy week ahead!

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