Friday, November 28, 2008

Tis' the Season

My husband finally cleared all of the boogers off the computer, so hopefully I won't have those issues again for a while!!!

Thanksgiving is over and the details are fuzzy. We had a nice visit with relatives and a decent dinner. I was less than impressed, but everyone said they enjoyed it all. I think I'm just too exhausted to get excited. I love hosting and enjoy all of the frills and details...I just don't do a good job of pacing myself. Before it's all said and done, I'm exhausted and moody. When I read other blogs and hear/see cute ideas and crafts in magazines, I just can't imagine having one more ounce of energy to get it done.

I have tried to pace myself for Christmas. We'll see how well I do. We're planning to have a brunch on Christmas eve. I've already ordered my Christmas cards (I have to re-order them) so, I need to get my mailing list together. I'll decorate before Monday and start planning the menu, teacher gifts and finalize gift buying. Within a week, I'll also need to schedule JB's birthday party.

Here we go with the lists again!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tech Wars

If I had a gun...I would shoot the computer right now. I've (like a lot of other people) grown accustomed to having things at my fingertips and done "speedy quick". When technology fails, I find myself getting spastic.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

OMG: Part 2

I am exhausted! Today started off downhill and I just can't seem to get with it!!!
MC had an 8 am soccer game, which he refused to play in. When we get home, everyone is ticked. Then I take a look at the mounds crap that I have to deal with by Monday when the housekeepers come and what little umph I have disappears.
I spent several hours uploading pictures to an online photo shop because I've go to get christmas cards ordered ASAP. All the while, the boys were fighting and wrestling. Things have cooled down for a moment, but I'm not getting too excited because I'll soon have to start planning dinner and finishing my various lists and time lines. Yuck!!
I love the holidays, but I hate the work!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pull my Finger!

This list sums up little boys and their philosophy on life!!

Farts are fun.
Words naming body parts are hilarious: butt, armpits, crotch... to name a few.
"Find something to do" really means 'wrestle'.
"Find something to do" could also mean 'play football'.
It's more fun to play in the tub than bathe.
The more bumps, scrapes and bruises, the better.
If it's not dead...I'll kill it for you.
If it's not broken...I'll break it for you.
Walking is overrated. Running is much better.
When in doubt, smash it or throw it.
God gave us hands as built in napkins (or kleenex).

Life is too fun to take everything so seriously.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Joy of Boys

I'm learning to be conscious of my gratefulness. I'm trying to live in the moment and enjoy the experience. Of course, I'm not always successful! However, this morning while I was doing the mundane task of ironing JB's jeans for school, I thought of a few things that I love about having boys. Here's a quick list and...yes, I'll share it with the boys.

1. Blue jeans...they're classic
2. Their zest for life. They find humor and excitement in everything!
3. The puppy dog smell that they have after playing outside. I like the fresh smell of a bath better, but the puppy dog smell is definitely unique!
4. They don't need accessories.
5. Their adventurous imaginations.

Of course I would love to have a daughter. That whole experience has to be amazing. But, I'm grateful for my boys. I know that I'm the first woman to hold their hearts. Hopefully, I won't screw it all up for their future wives !!

My prayer is that I give them what they need and prepare them meet and love the woman that God made just for them. Knowing that my job is done, I want to release them in such a way that I can step aside and watch them become a husband and father. With all selfish motivation/intentions aside, I plan to have a healthy adult relationship with my sons and their families.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Every year I anticipate the first bite of smoked turkey and cornbread dressing. I look forward to all of the winter vegetables, extra slices of cheesecake and other sweet treats. And every year, approximately two weeks before Thanksgiving, I make turkey wings and at least one "Thaksgiving" side dish.

I don't know whether it's the cold weather that puts me in the mood, or just anxious taste buds. With two weeks to go, our house already smells like Thanksgiving and boy, am I excited!

This will be the first break since school started and I'm eager to relax with my family. That reminds me I have a lot of lists to write so that I can actually relax when the time comes. Timelines are especially important this time of year!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Taming the Sista Within

The year I went to middle school, we got a new principal. The retiring principal was a family friend, a nice even tempered man...a pastor. The incoming principal was a rookie that wanted to be the next Joe Clark (not that our school really needed Joe). When I met him, I was devastated. I knew that my jr. high years would be disastrous. I was convinced he lived and breathed for new ways of making us miserable with his ridiculous rules and procedures.

This year feels like junior high all over again. When my son got his class assignment, I knew that we would be in for a fight! His teacher is well qualified, but has a lot to be desired in ALL other areas! I swear, every day, I'm met with an issue. She's consistently inconsistent. And the most annoying quality is her knack for answering questions like a politician. Fortunately for everyone involved, she seems to have a nice rapport with the children. I'm beginning to recognize how well she manipulates them and works the system. She's experienced enough to know how to say things without saying them. When it gets home and comes back to her she greets it with a smile and coy look that says "I don't know what you're talking about".

All of this has reminded me that the "sista girl" is still hidden within and I'm constantly trying to keep her calm and quiet!

I know that, just like in middle school, everything will be fine. I just get tired of everything being an issue/struggle! My God, is anything easy???

Fall Surprises

The boys have come down from their sugar high and the excitement of Halloween. Instead of trick-or-treating, we invited a couple of friends over for movies, pizza and games. They haven't seen these friends in a while, so they were plesantly surprised! Later that night, my sisters came into town (also a surprise), to go to MC's soccer game. He proudly scored a goal, just for them!

We'll just try to coast on until Thanksgiving. I have a lot to do (as usual), but I'm hopeful--today!

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