Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a crazy week! For some reason, four day weeks that begin on Tuesday are always grueling! JB celebrated his eighth birthday over the weekend. On Monday, MC woke up puking. For the past three days, I've been swamped in laundry. An ongoing sinus infection has made an otherwise difficult situation even more blah!
Anyway, enough about me. We're halfway through the school year and I'm extremely grateful that things have worked out smoothly thus far. What a difference a year makes! Soccer season starts next week. We're playing in a new league, JB was lucky enough to get on a team that practices twice a week. MC's team will practice only once a week. So, in addition to my Saturdays being hemmed up on the field we have three practices a week.
At the moment I'm enjoying a perfect "cup of joe" in one of my favorite mugs. My house is finally silent. I'm meeting a friend for lunch. Hopefully, I'll find my groove soon.

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