Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Upcoming Projects

Since we started packing to move two years ago, so many things have been on the back burner. I'm so conformed to systems and procedures, I just couldn't imagine starting a project or updating scrapbooks and having to stop. I couldn't figure out the logistics, so I held off on starting ANYTHING. Any projects or ideas were "for the new house" and filed away.
Now that we've moved and gotten settled in, there are a ton of things I want to do, but Baby A is quite time consuming (in a good way)! Just doing laundry and caring for her takes the majority of my day. And of course nothing kills the creativity bug like sleep deprivation! Nevertheless, I'm determined to get some work done! I really want to go junking soon for inspiration. Until then, here's my project list:

Hang a vinyl wall saying
Decorate the game room
Make a menu board for the kitchen
Make a Christmas wreath
Decorate our master bathroom
Replace laundry room flooring with concrete stained floors (hired job, I'm not THAT ambitious!)
Update scrapbooks
Organize digital photos
Hang the boys' school artDecorate the boys' rooms themes: music, action figures/superheroes
Make a wine barrel lazy susan

Now that soccer season is over I may be able to tackle a few things on the list before holiday guests arrive.

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