Friday, November 4, 2011

I Write Because...

Well, it's Day 4 of the month long blogging challenge and I really haven't written anything insightful. I figured I should go a little deeper.
What's the whole point, anyway? Why do I bother writing?
I write to clear my head. It's that simple. At any given moment there are a billion thoughts going on in my head. I'm always planning, preparing, organizing and micromanaging family and personal business! I even keep a notepad and pen bedside because, depending on the season, I often do it my sleep.
As a child I was always with pencil and notepad in hand. I even have pictures to prove it. Over the years my writing has become more reflective and introspective. I journal for myself and each of my kids in addition to blogging. Though I prefer pencil over the keypad, just being able to document events and emotions is a special way to track maturity and state of mind throughout different life stages. When I look back on previous posts and journal entries, sometimes I'm amazed at the personal growth or accomplishments. Sometimes I'm embarrassed by the sentiments expressed. But I'm always glad that I took the time to document, because without that so many details like kids pronunciations of words and funny antics would be forgotten. Besides, self reflection is a whole lot cheaper than therapy!

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