Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spike, the Christmas Elf


Last week we were gifted (by the neighbors) with yet another tradition...Elf on the Shelf. I deliberately waited to open it, because my plate is full right now. Today the boys opened their package and read his story.
For the next month this little guy will travel back and forth to the North Pole nightly to report the boys' behavior and special requests to Santa. He returns before the day begins and rests in a new hiding spot in our home until it's nighttime again. Bright-eyed JB was thrilled and captivated by the magic of it all. MC on the other hand thought it was creepy and insisted we name the elf Freaky Jack, "because he's just freaky!". We settled on Spike, but MC doesn't want me to put him on the shelf just yet. Maybe I won't be stuck with have another tradition after all.
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Kacey said...

Ha-ha! We got an Elf last year. Hubbie thought he was creepy too. Our elf was pretty forgetful as there were many days when he didn't move.

1happymommy said...

I figured ours would be forgetful, so I figured he could just have a favorite spot in the house. M wrote a note to him last night asking him to stay in the guest room. I still haven't taken him out of the box.

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