Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love Is In The Air


Last week was  a crazy week!  MC was home for several days with a stomachache; there were after school meetings, Class Valentine's parties and my hubby was working long hours.  Originally I'd planned to make creative valentines for the boys' classmates, cupcakes for the office and cards for family members.  After the reality check, I grabbed some cheesy cards from Target and encouraged MC to tough it out at school so I could finish preparations for our mini celebration at home.

Before Baby A, we had just settled into dropping the big boys off at an hourly play center for a quick date night.  Well, since her arrival, we've gone back to square one.  Call me lazy, but it just requires too much planning and restructuring of the schedule, especially during the school week.  Unfortunately, there are few breaks from homework and school projects.

I set out treats for the boys and cooked a Valentine's Day feast:
spaghetti and meatballs, rosemary bread,  and salad.  I even pulled out the formal china.  For dessert, the boys had cupcakes.  Since Valentine's Day fell on Thursday, which happens to be 'Scandal Thursday', I thought a sweet nightcap (courtesy of our favorite bakery) would be a perfect treat.   What better way to end a long day/week?

So, twenty years later, our Valentine's Day definitely looks a lot different than it did B.C. (before children), but I wouldn't trade it!

Friday, February 15, 2013

DIY Entryway Shelf

entryway shelf
A few weeks ago, my hubby finished building our entryway shelf.  
It probably took me longer to sand and paint it.  Well, I finally finished and it's been hanging proudly.  It may take me a few more months to get it decorated.  For now, I'm happy to have the backpacks and hoodies off the floor!

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