Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sit Down With Me

These are the words I hear each night before bedtime; Alivia insists on sitting with me.  She prefers if we go to my bed, but I've convinced her to settle for sitting on the couch.  Sometimes we watch an episode of her favorite cartoon, and sometimes we just visit or read a book.  I think its safe to say Quality Time is her love language.
We spend quite a bit of time together each day, but there's something special about the day's end. While I enjoy spending time with her, it can be challenging.  The last few hours of my day are usually the busiest, and the amount of work I'm able to finish determines the success (or failure) of the following day.  
When I noticed her nightly routine and my initial apprehension, I immediately thought of the story of Mary and Martha.  My mother often teased me about my Martha-like tendencies.   Avoiding the busy-ness trap is a daily struggle.  Despite the loads of laundry waiting to be folded, dishes to be put away and floors to be cleaned,  I stop to sit.  It's what she needs, and I've secretly learned to enjoy taking the break.

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