Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Israel Houghton, my absolute favorite contemporary gospel artist, sings:

Where would I be, without Your grace?
I'd be lost without Your grace.
How could I live without Your grace?
The life that I have is by Your grace.
I am free, I'm forgiven by Your work at Calvary.
You gave me life worth living, now the chains are broken, the chains are broken.
I am saved by grace. Love abounding, mercy found me.
I am saved by grace. I have life and it's only by Your grace.

His grace,mercy and love are all that we need.
God's editing my testimony. Stay tuned...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jack Of All Trades

I'm a Pisces. Just like the fish, I can go in many different directions. In fact, those are the times that feel most natural for me. For years I've been fighting against it. I would love to be the kind of neat, organized, structured person that has everything in it's place and follows a color coordinated monthly family calendar. But, I'm not. I have a system and it works for me. A stranger would never be able to figure it out!
Not only can I go in different directions, but I can do a lot of different things-pretty well, if I may say so myself. I consider myself to be a "Jack of All Trades". I guess the one thing that connects most of my talents is my need to do something creative. Nothing is more satisfying to me than making something out of nothing. Collecting raw materials to create a floral arrangement, scrapbook page, gift or even ingredients for a recipe is so much fun for me. Sometimes, the process frustrates the hell out of me (I'm not very patient), and sometimes procrastination adds to the stress, but it's always rewarding to see the final product.
At my age, I really need to hone in on the one (or two) things that I do best. Being the "Jack of All Trades" is fine, but I should at least be the master of one, right?

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You...

A few weekends ago, we surprised the boys with a weekend trip to Austin to see their favorite football team...the Texas Longhorns.
We toured the campus, which meant lots of walking, and even stopped on the strip to have lunch at Texadelphia. The hubby and I enjoyed the fabulous cheesteak sandwiches with mustard blend sauce, but the boys stuck with their favorite...chicken strips and fries.
We bought a few goodies from the Co-Op and made the long trek over to the stadium. We spent the next several hours trying to keep cool. The boys learned all of the UT game chants and cheers. I think JB's favorite included the phrase "...give 'em Hell", but he dared not say it!
Believe it or not, I even wore a Longhorn shirt. I've never owned one and it will likely become a yard shirt or pajama top; nevertheless, my crew had fun and it was nice to do something out of the ordinary.
The creme de la creme (for me anyway) was our stop at the Coach outlet store afterwards. Few things make a girl happier than pretty shoes and a nice handbag!

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