Monday, November 5, 2012

Time Keeps on Ticking

Over the weekend, we gained an extra hour when we set our clocks back to signal the end of Daylight Savings Time. While I understand the point, I've always found it amusing that we've just decided to manipulate time to our advantage. The boys also see the novelty in changing the time; for the next few weeks they'll insist on telling me what time it would be in the "old time". It's always cute at first, but after a few weeks it gets a tad annoying.


Nevertheless, time "fell back" an hour and I'm feeling refreshed. It's like a special fall treat (unlike in Spring when we lose an hour).

Last night, the extra hour meant an extra hour to finish weekend homework assignments. This morning it meant an extra hour to sleep in. The morning was even less manic than usual. The kids seemed calmer and had less trouble getting out of bed.

Having an extra hour to get things done has made me re-think how I wastespend my time on a daily basis. Is it possible that the few minutes here and there spent on the computer, phone, in front of the television….piddling around, equal hours each day wasted? This week I'm going to document my time. Who knows, maybe I'll be just as surprised with the results as when I recently tracked household expenses. Boy, was that an eye-opener!

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