Saturday, November 17, 2012

One Day At a Time

When I was a child, my mom led a gospel chorus named The Voices of Zion.  Every week (on Tuesday, I think) I waited during rehearsals at church.  I developed a very healthy imagination and crawled under many pews, but I also listened to the lyrics of some of those songs.  Back then I didn't really understand what the messages really meant, but as an adult they are crystal clear.

This is one that comes to mind often.  I can see and hear Mrs. Williams, my mom's friend and one of my favorite teachers, crooning.  It's titled, "One Day at a Time".

I'm only human; I'm just a man
Help me believe in what I could be and all that I am
Show me the stairway
I have to climb
Lord for my sake
Teach me to take
One day at a time

One day at a time, sweet Jesus
That's all I'm asking from you
Give me the strength to do everything that I have to do
Yesterday's gone sweet Jesus
And tomorrow may never be mine
Help me today
Show me the way
One day at a time.

Could you remember
When you walked among men
Jesus, you know when you're looking below
It's worse now than then
Pushin' and shovin' crowd in your mind
Lord for my sake
Teach me to take
One day at a time

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