Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Week Re-Cap

Just like last year, I was trucking along posting daily until....Thanksgiving week. Hosting duties aside, if I plan better I can get the hang of it.  :)  That's the story of my life!

On Wednesday, my sisters and father in law came into town.  We had a mexican feast complete with 5 gallons of maragarita mixing in the frozen maragarita machine.    Earlier in the day, I baked desserts and prepped a few vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thursday morning, I repurposed the tortillas from dinner to make breakfast tacos.  I'd already decided to push back dinner an hour or so to avoid being stressed.  As a consolation prize I served breakfast.

The usual game plan looks something like this: 
Take yeast dough out of the fridge.  It needs to be room temperature before working with it.
Roast sweet potatotes for sweet potato bake.
*This year MC made an apple pie.  We popped it in the oven as the potatoes were finishing up.
Start slow cooking veggies like greens and peas. 
Saute vegetables for dressing and casseroles.
Cook rices, broccoli and pasta.
Assemble cornbread dressing and have it in the oven by 10:30.  (It takes a long time to cook.)
Assemble rice dressing and broccoli casserole.
JB and I  shape the yeast dough into balls and drop into a muffin tin.  We put them aside to rise until around 1:30.
Peel and mash sweet potatoes.  Assemble sweet potato bake.
By 11:30 add other casseroles to the oven.  I usually write down times to keep track of cook times.
MC makes the cranberry sauce.
I prep all of the serving dishes and utensils, set the table and dress, so I'll look presentable for dinner (no night caps allowed).
At around 1:30, we put the rolls in the oven.  Dinner is served when they're golden brown (usually 15 minutes).
This year we ate at 3:00.  It seemed a bit later, but it was worth my sanity.

My sisters help out a ton by keeping the dishes washed and the children preoccupied.

Thursday evening is usually when I put up my Christmas trees and decorate for Christmas.  This year, I decided to put them up early and boy, was that the most brilliant idea ever?!

On Thursday night (and all day Friday)  I relaxed!

Saturday, was more of the same....more relaxation, that is!  Originally, I was anticipating another group of house guests (7 to be exact).  At the last minute, their plans changed.  I was secretly relieved.

That brings us to today:  Sunday.  We had a very normal Sunday.  My sister left this afternoon and we got right back into the swing of the weekend.  We have a very busy few weeks  and I haven't bought any Christmas gifts yet.  I'm thinking of trying to continue the daily postings.    This time I'll try to get ahead of the curve.  Let's see how it works out.

Update:  Operation Att-a-boy was awkward as I expected.  I need more time with this one. 

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