Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The boys are growing into their next phase.  I like to call it the "Mom, get away from me because you're totally weird and embarrassing" phase.  I remember feeling the same way about my mother.  She was an older mom and I don't know whether or not she noticed, but I'm certain she didn't care.  Now that it's my turn to be the source of all embarrassment, I constantly find myself justifying my coolness to my kids.  I know it's totally irrational.  It's the equivalent of negotiating a balanced diet with a two year old.  They lack the mental capacity to understand it all and they have the convictions of a mule.

Just this week, simple things like:  having JB  carry his school binder instead of stuffing the 50 pounder into his 75 pound backpack, buying both boys a pair of fleece warm-up pants (which look so comfy I want to try them on) and packing a LunchMaker instead of a Lunchable (Dad did the shopping and I wasn't specific) all sent them cowering.

My hair, any sudden movements or gestures from Baby A, party suggestions...you name it, I'm totally uncool.  What's my response:  to defend my coolness, which ironically is even more uncool.  As awkward as it seems, we haven't crossed over into the "you ruined my life" phase, so I can still manage pretty well.

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