Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Sweet Spot

Happy November 1st. I can't believe it's already November!! I'm challenging myself to post daily for the month of November. Last year, I did pretty well until the end. Let's see if I can do better this time around.
The kitchen, particularly the sink, is where I spend most of my time.  At our old house, the kitchen overlooked our backyard.  As I stood there doing the doing the dishes or prepping meals for what seemed like hours at a time some days, I often drifted deep into thought and reflection.  It was hands down THE place of visitation from God.  I never planned it that way;  it just happened naturally.  There were no distractions:  just me, suds and a panoramic view our private, grassy backyard.  For years rabbits visited our yard in spring and early fall.  During one of those visits and a particularly trying time for me personally, I witnessed patience in action.  Midway through the yard, the bunny became aware of my presence.  For the next 30 minutes it stood perfectly still waiting for an opportunity to get away from the threat (me).  I remember thinking "Wow!  That's what it looks like to just stand."  That rabbit waited as if its life depended on it, because it DID depend on it.  I learned got so many other lessons and revelations in the most unsuspecting place.
When we first moved, we were in such a whirlwind of life changing events that  I really didn't think of it much.  For a while things seemed topsy turvy and I just attributed it to the craziness of life.  After several months, it dawned on me...I didn't have a place. The new house was missing "the place".  Of course God is everywhere, but we had a special place at the old house.
A year later I still haven't found "the place" and that's kind of weird, but

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