Monday, November 12, 2012

Me, Myself and I (and Me)

Yesterday afternoon we tagged along with the hubby to pick up his new iPhone.  He wanted to avoid waiting for shipping, so for a few nights he's logged onto the website at exactly 10 pm (apparently that's when they're restocked) and purchased it.  Purchasing it and pre-paying online meant we'd only stop in with the receipt to pick it up.  When we got there, I took one look and opted to stay in the car.  The boys eagerly hopped out and followed their dad in to play with all the gadgets.  They thought it was the coolest place ever.  They even fantasized about working there and having so much fun playing around. They clearly don't understand the concept of work, but maybe the Apple Store should go to the top of the summer vacation list.  Two trips to Disney World didn't elicit that starry eyed gaze.

Anyway, as I parked just outside the store and waited in the car (which in and of itself was a miracle), I did some people watching.   I remember it being one of my mother's favorite past times when she was waiting for someone.

I watched how methodically people filed into and out of the parking lot and store.  I even joked with my hubby, as we were leaving, that it felt like alter prayer or communion at our family's Methodist church.  There the pastor stood before the congregation and periodically motioned and said,"As these go, let other's come."  With that directive, everyone knew exactly what to do.  The lines of parishioners that flanked both walls eventually dwindled down.

As I watched for another half hour, or so, I was amazed at what a narcissistic society we've become (self included).  Everything from parking, to driving, to snapping pictures of everything from the Apple signage on the storefront (presumably to post on Facebook, Twitter or the blogosphere), blared ME, ME, ME.

When did things change?  I guess I've been too wrapped up into "my own thing" to notice.  Wouldn't the world be a different place if  everyone took a few moments each day to do something for someone other than themselves?

I see a few service projects coming up (for the kids and me) in the very near future!

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