Monday, September 8, 2008

Life's Many Phases

It's been a while since my last post. We've been busy as usual. With endless projects at home, readjusting to the "school schedule"...being a grown up never gets boring!
I'm desperately in need of some "mommy motivation"! I'm even re-reading some of my parenting books. The boys are moving into a very sweet stage. They're becoming more independent (which is great!) The tough part is increasing my patience and tolerance so that I can re-direct and guide them through making decisions. They're able to communicate much better, but at times they'd much rather whine and cry. This definitely requires more patience on my part!! I've got to find that balance between guiding with tolerance and ruling with the iron fist. I know what I need to do and the result that I'm striving for....I just need the strength!
Life really gets interesting when the kids are talking and out of diapers!

Personally, I'm getting used to socializing with the school crowd again. It's both sad and funny to witness the moms reliving high school days with their cliques. I can tell that most of the busy bodies WERE NOT the cool girls in high school. I guess they're fulfilling their dreams of being cool. Funny! I didn't really care much about being a part of all that in high school or college so, I guess nothing has changed!

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