Monday, September 22, 2008

Look, Mom!

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This weekend JB came running in the house screaming, "Mommy, Mommy, come and see this!"I scramble out in my pajamas with my camera, because his excitement suggests that this will be a camera worthy event.
My big boy was riding his bike without training wheels. His dad followed closely behind, but he was doing it! We tried at the end of the summer, but he wasn't quite ready. A few days ago, my hubby took the wheels off again and they practiced a bit in the backyard. He was still a bit shaky, but eager to learn.
Today he rode in the street and even made a few turns. Of course, he fell off a few times ( I pretended not to see), but he just hopped up and got back on. He's still learning to use the brakes. I am so proud! What a milestone...a real rite of passage!

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