Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Life is full of disappointments! The sooner we all come to that realization, the better off we will all be. Whether it's a friend or loved one's shortcomings or just circumstancial...we're certain to have plenty of them.

I gave this very speech to JB a few weeks ago when he was let down several times over the couse of the day. It doesn't take much for a six-yr-old's world to be turned upside-down. Nevertheless, I assured him that we all experience plenty of disappointments. Then I proceeded to name a few of mine :)!

Oh, well enough rambling, just had to unload.

P.S. I've been talking politics so much lately, I think everyone in my inner circle (all 3 of them) is totally fed up! I'm considering starting a blog just to rant about that! Geesh!

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