Monday, September 29, 2008


As a child, I spent lots of time with my paternal grandmother. I spent endless hours playing in her yard. It truly was a fantasy land!
One of my favorite things about her yard was the abundance of plants and flowers.
She was a gardener who grew all types of food including peaches, which she used to make a killer peach cobbler. In fall her beds were full of mums. In spring, there were beautiful roses and tiger lilies.
Both the front and back yards were towered by pecan trees. In their midst was the most gorgeous magnolia tree ever. The branches billowed to give an 8' (or so) clearance. When the magnolias bloomed, it was absolutely breathtaking!
My mother once took clippings from the tree to decorate a wedding. Magnolias and elegant!
I've always wanted a magnolia tree of my own. And this summer I finally got one! It is a dwarf variety that will only grow about 15-20 feet, but I know it will bring such joy and fond remembrance every time I look out of my window.

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