Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tired to the 10th Degree

I have discovered a new realm of exhaustion! We've been in the back to school routine only a few days, but the early mornings, late nights and energy required to closely follow our school routine are all wearing me out! I am fighting like h-e-double hockey sticks to keep my eyelids open right now. If I doze, I'll miss picking up JB.
MC is constantly asking, "When is he coming home? Is it time to pick him up?" In terms of logistics, it's good that they don't start school at the same time, but it is hard for him to get used to spending the day without his bestfriend.
With September a couple of days away, I've weeded out the flower bed for fall. It desperately needs updating. I've started decorating for fall inside. Maybe, I'll finish this weekend. Next on the to do list...write the Thanksgiving & Christmas menus, Christmas list, brainstorm Jan. birthday ideas and work on a "honey do" list for holiday break.
Whew...I get tired just thinking about it!

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