Thursday, August 7, 2008

Selective Hearing

My children have started the annoying habit of ignoring what I say. If I'm three rooms away and whisper "We might go to the park and have cupcakes", they harass me about it for hours. If I'm in the same room with them and tell them to pick up a toy, stop running, etc. they don't hear it/respond until I've said it nicely five times and then shout. I don't know if this is a kid thing, a male thing, or if I'm just uber(made up word) irritated in these last few days before vacation.

Every time we embark on a holiday, birthday celebration, or vacation, the stress of all of it gets me all wound up. What little patience I have on a daily basis is gone! In these times, I completely understand why, as children, we always got a spanking just before a major "fun" event.

Funny for the day:
The boys were playing earlier and I overheard MC say "that's my hapuchino non fat", as he pretended to sip from a tower of Legos. Just the thought of hearing him try to pronounce those words totally cracks me up! At least he'll know what to order for me at Starbucks!

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