Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Vacation 2008

We're back from our week long Walt Disney World Marathon. The boys had a blast and I'm exhausted! We saw just about everything there was to see. We missed The Incredibles, Lightning McQueen and some parts of Epcot (after Magic Kingdom, the kids are pretty finished!) I don't know if the boys even realized what they missed because they saw so much! So many shows, parades, character greetings...

I'm proud of how well they did getting up close to all of the characters. They loved the rides, especially Toy Story Mania! We ate lots of junk food and spent lots of time off of our schedule...just letting it all hang out (or trying to). One night we even stayed at Magic Kingdom until 1 am!!

We returned last night, just before Hurricane Fay hit. Talk about impeccable timing!!

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