Friday, August 1, 2008


Well, I guess it's time for my annual visit to my primary care physician. Every year I notice a new list of complaints and ailments. I follow through with an annual physical and blood work up to dispel my self diagnosed conditions, and am given a clean bill of health (Praise God). I'm beginning to wonder if it's psychological.

Fall is a beautiful season, but it's the beginning of a long season of very difficult dates and events. I usually start planning the holidays in Sept./Oct. and have my shopping done well before Thanksgiving. That's literally right around the corner. Having a child in school just speeds it all up! Before I know it I'll be planning another birthday party. I usually have it all planned and reserved before Christmas as well.

Funny for the day: I took the boys bowling this morning. I guess I was on a lucky streak because I'm not usually a good bowler. Today, I made several strikes and picked up spares most of the other times. I have to use a lg. ball (12 lbs), because, I have long fingers and big knuckles-they get stuck in the holes of the smaller balls. Anyway, as we were checking out, a very sweet, older grandma type approached me and invited me to join her bowling league that meets during the school year. Childcare isn't available, so I won't be able to participate, Darn! I'm still trying to figure out whether that was a compliment or not. It was funny, nevertheless.

*A lot of bloggers have a weekly themed entry. I'm not that organized or dedicated, so I'll try to post a "Funny for the day" at the end of each entry. I usually have several of those!

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