Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mama Said Knock You Out

Since our move, MC has been struggling with adapting to his new school, our new home and his overall shift in birth order. We've tried, as best as we can, to give him enough attention and not make him feel like he's been robbed of his "Baby of the Family" title, but for whatever reason he's still feeling unsure of himself. He's gone from a happy, witty, confident "performer" to a quiet observer. We've talked to him regularly in an attempt to assess the problem, but midway through the year it's apparent that the problem is multi-faceted.
While I can remedy some of the problems, some of the issues are beyond my control. Just yesterday he gave us another piece to the puzzle. Apparently there's a resident bully that has been picking on him. He repeated some of the rude and crude things that this little jerk was saying and said that he even uses his reward "sit by a friend" cards to sit by him at lunch and harass him. Well let me tell you what….as soon as my head stopped swelling and my neck stopped throbbing I wanted to go to school and put
he-ass in check!
Aside from the obvious reasons, I can't do that. I thought back to all of the magazine articles about bullying that I've read and they all said that parents should not step in, but rather help the child navigate from a distance. Well when it's your "baby", that's kind of hard to do. Moms are supposed to fix these types of things. Obviously I decided against bullying the bully, because I'm here typing and not in CB4.
Last night, his bedtime story was me retelling of the time that I beat up a boy in science class underneath the lab tables. I was tired of him harassing me. While I emphasized that I didn't want him beating anyone up, I let him know that I will never punish him for standing up for himself. This morning I emailed the teacher and hopefully she can help me put an end to this. If not, well….read between the lines.


Kacey said...

Oh no he didn't! I bet mama bear wants to be all in that little kid's hiney. You're good for restraining yourself.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
Have a nice day!

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