Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Holy Smokes, Batman!!

It's unfathomable that the first month of the new year is more than half gone! Things are flying by at lightning speed!
Here's what we've been up to:

School projects-They're out of control!
Midnight feedings
Weekend road trips
Restocking food and household supplies -This has become a chore and a pain.
Laundry-It's cloning itself!
Celebrating a birthday-After a weeklong celebration, I let the birthday boy know that we will not do it big again until he's 13!

On the crafting scene:
Not so much. Of course I have a list:
Make 2 Christmas wreaths (per a family member's request)
Paint game table and chairs-They're all upstairs, so I'm trying to figure out logistics. Not feeling up to lugging it all down.
Make art/memo storage for boys' study nook
Homemade Valentines and cupcakes for hubby's office

On the home front:
I've tried to stick to prioritizing cleaning/organizing before decorating, but my brain lumps it all together. I'm eager to get to the fun stuff (decorating) and I have lots of pins on Pinterest with ideas that I'd like to try, especially in my master bathroom and pantry. I'm all about logistics and systems and I just can't seem to figure it out. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with lack of sleep and constant interruptions. It's even too much for my ADD (self-diagnosed)!

I must admit that I'm annoyed that I've yet to get my house organized since our move last August. I guess I'll keep trying to eat this elephant one bite at a time.

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