Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brown Bagging It


What's the big deal? Monotony! Every day…same thing…same thing…every day!
Why? The children are soooooo picky about what's packed. Preferences and peer pressure probably play a huge part. (Wow, check out that alliteration!)

Because I'm a major foodie, it drives me bananas! Sure it would take longer, but I'd love to pack sushi, potstickers, sliders, tacos….the list is endless. But….nope, every day it's turkey and cheese on crustless wheat for one and ham and wheat (no cheese) for the other, tortilla chips, juice box. I even tried roasting chicken and turkey breasts for sandwiches instead of using processed meat (too many nitrites), but it wasn't very popular. I try to jazz it up with lettuce. (Whoa, don't hurt yourself!) I also sometimes swap the chips for carrot sticks and alternate desserts between yogurt, fruit and sometimes a candy treat.
Earlier this week I actually got excited about buying new bento boxes and all the creative ways they could be filled.

The only consolation is that the boys eat well at home. Of course they enjoy snacks and treats, they eat lots of veggies and still drink plenty of milk. We eat a big variety of foods for breakfast and dinner, so that one boring, brown meal a day won't kill them.

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