Sunday, January 2, 2011

All Good Things Must End

Well Christmas break is over. As we get geared up for the second half of the school year, I'm hoping for better organization and a better attitude. One can hope, right?
Our first week off was pretty busy, but our second week was slow...very slow. I'm glad we had the down time, even if it meant lots of fighting and complaints of being bored. Unscheduled time never hurt a soul!
Tomorrow I'm going to try very hard NOT to do a happy dance when I drop the boys off. Despite the never ending to do list, I'm going to have a me day! I think I'll see what's playing at the theater and maybe treat myself to a blueberry muffin (my favorite).
The theme for the year is: Make time for what matters most. Instead of bogging myself down in mindless busyness, I want to focus on what really matters. I once read that you should categorize issues in one of three categories: 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 years. If the circumstance will be insignificant in 10 seconds it's not worth another thought; 10 minutes, consider it; 10 years, it's worth fretting about.
I'm going to try to remember the 10-10-10 rule and maybe I'll save myself some grief.

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