Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Gift that Keeps Taking

We must have THE most high maintenance dog! Thank God we purchased the Wellness Plan at the vet's office. To date, our records show we've saved over $1,000 on vet visits. In a mere three months we've had routine visits and shots, spay surgery, an ear infection, two bacterial infections, a wood chip lodged between molars, 2 rounds of antibiotics, ear drops, prescription ear cleaning solution, sulfur baths, and two rounds of prescription dog food. Oh, let's not forget two nights of round the clock diarrhea.
Nothing that I read in my research suggested she would be high maintenance. I'm beginning to think that I'm the one with the problem. Who knew you couldn't just send your dog out into the backyard? After all, that's where dogs lived before everyone thought it was a good idea to sleep with them, right? Little did I realize that, once truly domesticated, their sensitive stomachs couldn't handle a bone or stick from the yard. I guess this means we're back on puppy patrol. No unsupervised play time for Miss Coco. Hopefully this will be over when her puppy days end!

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