Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Proof is in the Pudding

If the saying is true, I've got dibs on the first bite! This was our first week back from Christmas break and it went pretty smoothly. I surprised myself; I was very productive. Slightly grumpy, but productive.

Piano lessons and basketball practice resumed this week. MC started piano lessons, and unlike his big brother he was eager to practice. He even requested that I make a piano bag for his books, "with pianos on it, that says, 'I Love Music!'" That gave me a warm fuzzy. It only lasted a few minutes, because they soon started arguing.

JB is entering the teasing and taunting phase. The phase that most likely caused an otherwise docile classmate to haul off and assault another classmate with a rock (to the eye) at recess. I don't like this phase. I especially don't like the permanent smirk plastered on the faces of little boys in this phase.

Returning to school also means homework hour resumed this week, as well. The dreaded homework hour, and it's literally about an hour, probably has me calling on Jesus more than the average challenge. The funny thing is, you'd think as a certified teacher I wouldn't have trouble with this. But, as with every other area of childrearing, I feel personally responsible for clearing the mud. The teachers usually only send home five minutes worth of homework, but when a child is able to whiz through that sheet yet give the "alien stare" when asked a question worded differently...Houston, we have a problem! I make a habit of pulling out additional work that either reviews or reinforces what they are doing in class. This seems to work, but like everything's a lot of work.

Nothing could have ever prepared me for all of the work that comes along with being a mother. This isn't a complaint...just a fact. I wonder if I will ever have another moment of rest (on this side of Glory). I hope to, one day, but realistically I know it may be a fantasy.

If the proof really is in the pudding, I want some velvety, mousse like pudding. I also want to be sure to get the first bite!

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