Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a Day!

Every month I read a local publication for mothers. One of my favorite articles highlights the daily schedule of one of its readers. I always imagine what my typical daily schedule looks like. This is what a typical busy day looks like:

6:30 Wake-up and dress
6:45 First attempt to wake up the boys
7:00 Make kolaches for breakfast
7:10 Make sure the boys are awake and dressed
7:15 Call the boys down to eat. Check backpacks for folders and homework; Pack lunches-turkey wraps, chips, juice boxes and fruit roll ups.
7:42 Take the boys to school and notice JB's untied laces flapping in the wind as he crosses the street.
8:00 Feed the dog while watching GMA and drinking my morning coffee
8:30 Fold a load of clothes
8:45 Check e-mails. Marinate chicken for dinner
9:00-10:00 Zumba
10:15 Start crockpot with Caribbean Jerk Chicken
10:30 Shower, Lunch, Play with puppy
10:45 Whip up a pot of homemade macaroni and cheese for MC's lunch
11:00 Lunch with MC
11:45 Laundry
12:30 Pay bills and balance checkbook
1:00 Pick up last minute side dishes for dinner. Searched for Carribbean Rice, but Kroger no longer sells it. I'll have to settle for white rice and mashed sweet potatoes.
2:00 Pick out soccer uniform for MC's game tonight. Record this weeks' practice minutes and collect JB's piano music for today's lesson. Find JB's basketball for today's practice--he should have taken it to school, but forgot it.
2:45 Pick up MC
3:00 Parent Teacher Conference with JB's teacher
3:30 Pick up JB from basketball practice. Go home for quick snack.
4:00 Drop JB off at piano lessons. JB finishes his theory assignment in the car on the way.
4:30 Pick JB up. Go home and prepare side dishes for dinner. MC dresses for his soccer game.
5:00 Homework. JB practices piano
5:45 Leave for soccer game.
6:00 Soccer score: 6-5 we lose for the third consecutive time. The boys have fun.
7:00 Dinner, Baths
8:00 Boys are finally in bed. I watch Grey's while laying in bed, but can barely stay awake for Private Practice.
10:00 Light's Out. What a day!

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