Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and More Pumpkins

This has definitely been the week of the pumpkin! We started off carving jack-o-lanterns on Monday. While carved gourds are a fuzzy, disgusting mess after 2 days, I knew that our schedule was chockful of afternoon activities so we dove right in!

Usually I just buy one pumpkin and let the boys hollow it out. I give them a few carving designs for the face and I carve it myself using a few kitchen knives. This year, I thought they'd be old enough to try their hands at carving. I bought them each a pumpkin and they shared a carving booklet and tool set. It was very interesting! They did pretty well on the larger cuts, but I had to help out in the tight spots. They also needed frequent rests for those tiny muscles in their hands. Overall, they had fun and the jacks turned out pretty well. Shhh, I still haven't roasted the seeds!

Mid-week, we finalized design plans for Friday's pumpkin decorating contest at school. MC requested Michael Jackson and JB requested Frankenstein. We played around with a few different ideas and voila! MC won for the second year in a row! I was hoping for a win for JB's Frankenstein, but he handled the loss pretty well. MC agreed to share his winnings: $20 in Barnes and Noble gift cards.

I am so glad that's all over. The next pumpkin that I see needs to be pureed, in a shell, and topped with whipped topping!

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