Sunday, October 10, 2010

When I Was a Child

As a child I longed for the day that I would become an adult. I couldn't wait to do all of the grown up things that my mother forbade. I wanted to wear red nail polish and have breakfast for dinner. I wanted to buy Magic Shell ice cream topping, shave my legs and watch the late night talk shows.
These days I can do all of those things, but rarely choose to. I prefer a natural buff shine over nail color and rarely eat breakfast for dinner--it's not very filling. Most nights, I'm asleep before the late night shows come on. Today I bought my first bottle of Magic Shell, mainly as a treat for the boys. Of course I still shave my legs. I have to draw the line somewhere. After all, I am a lady.
What I have learned as an adult is that I'd gladly relinquish any adult privileges to have my mother here with me. I have to admit that we wouldn't always see eye to eye. I'd take that.

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