Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Am I going or coming? That is the question!!
This has been a super crazy week and it's only Wednesday.
It's getting more and more difficult to keep up with all of my responsibilities: laundry, grocery shopping, nail clipping, hair name it it's just a lot!

In addition to that, the holidays are fast approaching and I have no idea what we're getting the boys for Christmas. For the first time ever, I think we'll just go to Toys R Us and buy it all at once. Maybe we'll make it sad! Usually by now, I'm done with my shopping for them and finishing up shopping for everyone else. What happened this year??

We're hosting both dinners so, that means decorating, menu planning and shopping. It's usaually fun when the time finally comes, but the preparation and aftermath...not so fun! I've written the Thanksgiving menu and will tweek some things before writing a shopping list and pulling coupons. That always helps.

We've also decided to host brunch on Christmas eve. Until last year, this was an annual tradition. We'll try again this year. Oh, wait...I've also got to take the boys' Christmas picture and order cards by Friday to get a major discount! What's today, Wednesday? Sigh.

"I need you to wipe my boom-boom!" comes blaring from the restroom...hold that thought!

Oops, I'm roasting a chicken. I think it's done. Hold on another minute!

Okay, see what I mean by crazy!

The boys are so excited about Halloween. We're supposed to have movie night and they will wear their coveted football uniforms and helmets. I bought lots of candy to pass out and we're planning to order pizza. As a surprise, I invited over a couple of friends. JB and MC will be delirious with excitement. That type of excitement is always either preceded by or followed with a good spanking. Let's see if we beat the odds this time!

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