Friday, October 10, 2008


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JB (and I) have worked so hard this six weeks to adjust to a new grade, new teacher and a new set of expectations. He's very bright, but is used to a lot of one on one instruction. I've been working even harder with him at home by giving him more opportunities to do homework independently. I've also been very critical of his work, because he really has a "stickler" this year! I think the phrases I've used most are: "Check your work" and "Name on your paper"!
Believe it or not, we even had to perfect cutting and gluing after a few assignments were nitpicked about that! Well regardless, we hauled butt and he earned all A's. Little, old-fashioned me expected that the first six weeks without much bloodshed. Now I know better. We're fastening our seat belts for this ride!
He's enjoying it all so I guess that's what really matters most!

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