Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Roller Coaster Day

Today was like a roller coaster ride. I started off with Bible Yoga, which was perfect until one of the members shared her personal story about recently losing her mother. When she started up, tears started flowing. Something came over me and I couldn't stop. I excused myself, but when I came back the tears did too.
I missed a bit of the discussion and probably had everyone wondering what my problem was, but sometimes it's just like that.
For the rest of the afternoon it was touch and go. Every memory, hurt and feeling of loss came flooding back. Today's outburst was pretty typical this time of year. For the past four years, that's been consistent. I pledged to make this one different and today I was unsuccessful. I will try again tomorrow.
I decided to forgo the painful homework session this afternoon for an evening at a local pumpkin patch. The boys had a blast playing with a few friends that we met there.
We came home, showered, ate dinner, watched a few of their favorite t.v. shows and read...all by 8pm.

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