Monday, June 16, 2008

What a Whirlwind!!

Back home after a week long hiatus, of sorts. We spent last week visiting several family members. Two kids, eight days, 4 homes, multiple outings, flat tire...way too much activity for me! I'm glad to be home!

Here's a list of things you learn when traveling with kids:
1. There are a billion new ways to ask "Are we there yet?"
2. A four year old really has no understanding of state lines, no matter how you explain it. Trust me, I even tried a pizza analogy: crust:state as topping:city. No luck!
3. You don't get much rest when you wake up every 15 minutes to check the bed for pee spots.
4. Happy Feet is not a good travel video!
5. If it's not securely mounted or bolted down, it can be broken!
5a. If it's broken you must fix or replace it.
6. 8:00 bedtimes are a good thing! Especially after several nights of 11:00 bedtimes!
7. The carseat is a potty magnet. No matter how many times you take a potty break, precisely 20 minutes into the seat/trip, someone has to go again!

I have several more, but it seems they're all pee related!

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