Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Summertime

Today I was reminded of what summertime is all about. I have vivid memories of childhood summers spent playing outside (not by choice), swimming, snowcones, days at the beach, road trips and sleepovers. My mom was always sure to have plenty of activities planned to keep us busy. Although, she was far more outgoing and social than I will ever be, I find myself filling our days with the same types of activities. Partly to keep the boys busy, but also to help create memories for them. It is so wonderful to be on a relaxed schedule!
Today we started with swimming lessons, followed by a couple of hours of jumping in bounce houses at a nearby inflatable center. We stopped for a quick lunch and came home to rest for a bit before heading to the movies. Sadly, I went to sleep in the theater. This is a recurring problem for me. Dark, cold theater=Nap time!
When we got home we washed the car.
I guess my one regret is that we can't do more of this during the school year. This way we definitely have something to look forward to! Summer...ahhh!

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