Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How Did I Let Myself Go??

Only a few more days left before school dismisses for summer break. I'm faced with the harsh reality that I'll have to make myself presentable more often. During the year, I'm mostly shuttling kids and running errands. During the summer, we'll be going on outings, traveling and visiting family. First on the calendar...High School graduation.

Well, today I took a break in my packing to get up to speed in the personal grooming department. There was a time when I got regular manicures and didn't leave the house without makeup. This was all B.C.---before children.

These days, when it comes to personal grooming, I stick to the basics... showering, shaving, brushing teeth and hair. Anything more is for church and special occasions. Frankly, when I do have extra time, the last thing I want to do is sit in a beauty/nail salon for the entire day! Anyway, I got all stocked up with supplies for relaxing the hair on top of my head and removing the hair on top of my lip (which is a natural phenomenon that gets worse each year). Four hours later, I'm exhausted!!

I'm sure that looking better will make me feel better, but I wonder...how did I ever keep up with all of this!

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