Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cry Me a River

Tears in the morning, tears in the evening, tears at night! We're very emotional this week. In fact, emotions were running so high last night MC gagged and puked all over his comforter, which I just washed on Monday.

Fast forward to this morning, more tears. This time the clothes that I picked out were all wrong. JB joined the chorus to complain about his lunch...pbj sandwich, chips, banana, juice. In my mind, if he's trashing his lunch most days anyway, it really doesn't matter what I pack, right!? Bad Mommy! I'm secretly hoping that he actually likes the sandwich and doesn't have his usual puke fest at the mention of peanut butter.

If I can make it this week without crying we're doing good. I decided to go to the spa on Friday, so I think I'll be okay. When they get just a bit older, I will be able to ask them if they'd like cheese with their "whine".

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